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I too have a somewhat positive story. I know it has been a long time now, but C. Finally after 3 years and 5 months, I am free of pain and seton’s. Since that time, I have spent a lot of time researching, worrying, and going to appointments.

I just recently was diagnosed with cdiff. I had a seton put in last week and things are draining and painful mainly before the draining occurs. Thank goodness your son is doing better. This prevents you from Constipation as well as Fluidic fibre.

I know more than I ever wanted to, and I liked life much better before this ever happened. I do not have the support to undergo surgery at this time and a series of mis-diagnoses left me pretty low on resources.

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And keep in kind to have proper dressing and packing of the wound. First time i was taken to the hospital was in 2013 when i had sever pain and lots of pus discharge. I know you feel like there is not light at the end of the tunnel. Some may experience episode after episode of watery diarrhea, with or without mucous. You will be healed in the end. Not to mention that many doctors don’t suggest patients take probiotics along with antibiotics.

I’m taking this 2 pellets early in the morning and the evening, dissolve it under my tongue and whole day I mix 8 pellets in 40 oz water bottle which I finish within a day. As I said, discuss with your doctor. MRI and you know what where your fistula is then I don’t see how your GP can say you’ll be worse off! Im very depressed with it all my sex life is just about nil but i do have a very understanding thank god. Thank you for sharing your story and the information. 3 weeks later I saw the doctor, she gave me different anti-biotics.

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Lisa, I too have heard varying opinions on how long you are at higher risk when taking antibiotics. He has been taking the Ayurvedic Fistula Packet from Planet Ayurveda. I love how it tastes though, so it is a win-win. I have a 5cm abscess in the rear part of the rectum.

My son is great and lives a completely and totally normal life. There is so much pressure nowdays, people feel like they cannot miss a day of anything. It is really good to hear positive stories, cos I really feel that I’m on my own with this. The lady was kind enough to ring, and I will follow it up when I am ready.

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So did the allergist tell you to keep taking the Flagyl and someone else told you to stop? Vanco treatment from the Harvard Medical Review. I have a meeting with the surgeon on Monday, what questions should i be asking? I have read your comments and very pleased that your fistula has healed.

Thank you, I’m trying to think positive. Faz 81 can you give me the specific homeopath remedy and or physician you used? I’m involved in it and am having surgery on Weds to fit a fistula plug. Just wanted to share a happy story. She took charge and literally saved my life.

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My son just got diagnosed with Cdiff. Aug 18,2012 I had just run, worked out , walked my dogs and yard work. It has taken 20 months to get two GPs, three consultants and two registrars to agree that what I’m describing is actually happening, and I have yet to be told the findings of the colonoscopy.

Thanks again for your great info. If you are on antibiotics or PPIs and get diarrhea, call your doctor to discuss it. Yes, antibiotics should be used judiciously. Please check back and let me know how you are doing. G daily my buy cialis online canada paypal my, I product questionable one people, cialis used for cancer like bangs a for type and great. My daughters, age 5 and 7 months both have Cdiff.

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Clarithromycin is a broad spectrum macrolide antibiotic with good absorption and serum half-life. He eats what he wants, exercises, you name it. I’ve been faithful about taking my saccamyosis boullardi, or my Align. Tammy, I don’t know too much about blowing veins, but I do know that you need to make sure you are not dehydrated, and drink lots of liquids before a blood draw.

It will give others hope that the surgical procedures used actually can work, and patients can beat this horrible condition and carry on with their lives fistula free! The bad part of my story is that in dec 2013 my other fistula has been treated the same way as the other one, and this time it didn’t work. I just had my 2nd cirgury of seton replaced. Do not hesitate to be retested if you suspect a relapse. I was pretty upset and felt pretty stupid. Also will I become incontinent and just the pain all over again!

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I had a bout with it for about 6 months in 2010 from taking Clindamycin for BV. In and out of the hospital. I have noticed now however that during this time my Fistula has been extremely painful for about six hours after a bowel movement, after which some pus comes out and the pain stops. You rarely hear from the person that spreads the word all over the internet that they successfully took an antibiotic after having C Diff.

My son has a hard time kicking infections on his own so he is on antibiotics much more frequently than anyone else in the family. If you are having a lot of anxiety with this, talk to your doctor. Whatever you do, if you suspect C diff, do NOT use Immodium. I am simply sharing our experience with C.

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Many people have never even heard of C. If you, you will probably move on to Vanco, which has a huge success rate. The new GI dr I’m seeing wants to do a stomach biospy and look at my gallbladder again.

Most of what I’ve read about honey in wound treatment sounds great, it even promotes healing from the base of the wound! Homeopathy worked for me I will definitely recommend it, I have been suffering for 10 years and I have lost count on how many surgeries I’ve had, I’ve been on homeopath remedy for about 4 months it’s still early days but my opening has closed I haven’t had any abcesses for 2 months I feel very normal. Good for you for staying home and doing the right thing!

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Really, your tips on protecting oneself and family from this are useful. The surgeon told me that he was advocating the conservative approach. Like covered: and a the facial 10mg of accutane for Smell and acne-prone Honey and than pen. Stress, combined with poor gut flora due to the u.

Probiotics are my daily thing now for now on. Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor and I am not recommending a particular medical treatment. Should I go back to his office and insist on Vanco, or wait until next week to see what the specialist says?

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That was absurd that the urgent care doctor said you weren’t sick enough to have c diff. A spammer attacked my site and I just got it back online. I am now completely over it. I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to 2013 and fistulas, and would like to wish any of you suffering all the best of luck. There is also Dificid that is getting good reviews too. So my surgeon couldn’t just go cut through that.

My best advice is- if ever in doubt, have the test done. The whole ordeal took over 7 months to get over. A great resource for people suffering for C.

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